Biokovo is a nature park with a big variety of animals and plants. There is also the second highest peak in Croatia "Sv. Jure" (St. George) with 1763m and this peak is during the year, for more than 7 months, covered with snow. From the Biokovo mountain you are able to see the Riviera and the islands, if the conditions are good you can also see Italy. The excursions are organised to the peak where you can go for a walk, go horseback riding or have a local meal in a restaurant.

The beaches
The Makarska Riviera have lots of beautiful pebble stone beaches with a length of almost 45 kilometers. The sea is clean and clear. The average temperature of the sea during the summer is 22- 23 degrees. The sea is skin- deep in the first couple of meters and from the surface you can see the multifarious sea- bottom. If it's getting too hot for you, you can go into the shadow of the pine trees or strengthen yourself in one of the near beach bars that you can find at every step.
Makarska Rivijera
The Makarska Riviera is a famous vacation destination on the Mediterranean and it attracts lots  of tourists every summer. Famous destinations are located along the coast in over 50 km length. These destinations are: Brela, Baška Voda, Promajna, Makarska, Tučepi, PODGORA, Drašnice, Igrane, Živogošće, Drvenik, Zaostrog and Gradac. The Riviera is surrounded by the Biokovo Mountain in the North and the islands of Brač and Hvar in the South. 50km of amazing beaches is a fact that speaks for itself.  The centre of the Riviera is Makarska, a city only 8 km away from Podgora. The places on the coast have plenty of restaurants, souvenir shops, cultural happenings and places for sports and recreation... you also have loads of cultural monuments, a heritage from past times.